Camera Flight

Version 1.0.3

Did you ever face the problem of having a great far-image, but nobody could determine what the original objective was and in the near-image was nothing left of the beautiful landscape?

Or did you ever want to now how it looks like when your arrows fly to the target, or how your golfball flies to the flag?

Maybe you are looking for a tool to create unbelievable zooms, e.g. the moon at closer lookup changes into an awesome face?

In this case you found the perfect App!

It creates a video from two photos wherein you fly into your images. Much deeper than a simple "zoom" could ever do.

A great Camera Flight!

Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 4.3 or later.

The near-image does now show the bounds of the end-screen.

Parabolic trajectory, dependent on fotospace above target.

Multiple video resolutions and framerates.

Usage in Camera-Mode

  • Take a long distance photo having your target in the center of the screen
  • Mark the center of your target and the width of the image part that shall fill the screen at the end of the “zoom”
  • Go closer to your target and use the near-image camera mode. The app will overlay part of the far-image to guide you for a perfect matching near-image. As the perspective doesn’t match, you should just care about the small part of the final end-screen
  • Let Camera Flight create you a spectacular video
  • Send that video via email or save it in your Photo Library, from where you could put it on YouTube or include it into other videos by your favorite video App

Usage with existing photos

  • Choose a far-image from your Photo Library and mark a target-point. Also mark the width OR height of an object at the same distance like your target
  • Choose a matching near-image from your Photo Library and mark the same target-point. Here too mark the width or height of the object that you marked in the far-image
  • Let Camera Flight create you a spectacular video
  • Send that video via email or save it in your Photo Library, from where you could put it on YouTube or include it into other videos by your favorite video App


  • Camera-mode using handy overlays to guide for optimal matching images
  • High quality videos up to 1280 x 720 px, 30 fps
  • Smooth transition of brightness and saturation during the flight
  • Areas that match within both photos will be recognized and produce stunning effects already at the beginning of the flight
  • Manual fine-tuning of the overlapping, incl. turn and tilt of the near-image
  • "Real" parabolic trajectory or straight "zoom"
  • A compressed 3 seconds flight movie tends to be smaller (faster to transmit) than 2 full resolution photos
  • Minimum memory usage (iCloud). Photos are used directly from the Photo Library, videos are stored in Photo Library just upon request

App Screenshots

Demo Videos

More videos on Facebook and YouTube("Camera Flight.App")

Camera Flight 1.0.3

Released on 27/07/2012
  • New: The far-image does now include an overlay of the first-screen bounds.
  • New: The optimized camera-mode does now support the iPad 3 camera.

Camera Flight 1.0.2

Released on 14/03/2012
  • New: The near-image and camera-mode now include an overlay of the end-screen bounds.
  • New: The App does now run on iPad in iPhone compatibility mode.
  • Fixed: Demo-Video did not get play button in Main-Screen until application restart.

How do I tell the App that a photo is in landscape format and not in portrait?

Just hold the iPhone/iPod so you can see your photo in the correct orientation, while in “Mark Target” dialog.
If the top and bottom bars don't slide in to correct positions, you have to unlock the “Portrait Orientation Lock" (lock symbol with a circle around it).

Do I have to recreate the video every time?

No, the video remains until a setting is changed (or no more space is left on the device).
You might view it any time by the play-buttons in main-dialog and detail-dialog.

What does this mean: "Couldn't access Camera Roll album
(probably no access to location data)"?

Because photos in the Photo Library may contain location data, Apple requires any App that accesses the Photo Library to have access to location services.
The purpose of Camera Flight is to work with your photos, so unfortunately you have to permit the access to Location Services for this App.
Please activate the permission in Settings > Location Services for Camera Flight App and restart the App.
I guarantee, that Camera Flight does not use or access any Location Data.

Why are sometimes after synchronization the photos of my stored flights gone?

If large changes in your Photo Library have to be synchronized, Apple sometimes completely reorganizes the entire Library and redistributes the access-numbers of the files. Afterwards Camera Flight can't find the photos anymore.
Your marks are still stored, so simply select the same pictures again and your flight is as before.

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